MacKnight provide the award winning salmon, and salmon products to the food retail and food manufacturing industries.

MacKnight salmon comes from the cold waters of the Atlantic, where salmon can develop its best flavor and texture: quality is essential to MacKnight, who have dedicated twenty-five years to providing their customers with only the finest salmon products.

Each fillet of MacKnight salmon is fully trimmed, with all of the dark meat painstakingly removed, so that each and every slice is ready to use in your chosen recipe. The salmon fillets are then dry cured with a blend of sugar and salt, before being double smoked over smoldering oak chips; a traditional Scottish method to lock in the flavor of the oak, which gives MacKnight salmon a delicate, distinctive taste.

MacKnight are committed to developing new products, so that this delicate, flavorsome fish can be enjoyed in every meal: whether a salmon bacon breakfast, a deliciously simple meal of gravadlax, or delicate canapés to impress your evening guests.

  • Premium Quality

    MacKnight products are made from the finest cuts of smoked salmon.

  • Atlantic Salmon..

  • Award winning products...

Voted the number one salmon product by Food and Wine Magazine, experience the delicate taste of MacKnight smoked salmon.

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Quality assured

Macknight's smoked Salmon bacon; an alternative to pork bacon

Ethical aquaculture

a fish farm, MacKnight support ethical aquaculture to rear the salmon used in their smoked salmon products.

Award winning products

MacKnight's Scottish smoked Salmon

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Whether you want a side of premium smoked salmon for a favourite family recipe, or want  to try something new, we will have the products to suit your needs.

We can provide you with sides, or slices of traditionally smoked salmon for your retail outlet, hotel or catering event. Or perhaps you would like to try something new? Explore salmon as a breakfast treat with our Salmon Bacon, or use our Smoked Salmon Fleurettes as a tasty treat.

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“I go back a while with this wonderful company. About twelve years ago, I conducted a massive smoked salmon tasting (like this one)…..and MacKnight came out on top. This time around, they are right up there again. I love consistency! The light-orange Traditional Smoked Scottish Salmon I tasted this time was highly reminiscent of what I tasted a dozen years ago.” David Rosengarten